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Physical Therapy Coral Springs


Abi’s Place accepts all forms of insurance as payment for therapy services.  Please contact our office to see if we are in network with your insurance.

We also provide therapy services for individuals who are not “in network” with the above companies. We will submit therapy claims to your insurance company but please remember in these cases your benefits will be considered “out of network”. In cases like this, it frequently means you are responsible for a greater percentage of the total therapy charges.

Benefits for Therapy

Individual insurance benefits for therapy services will be verified and then reviewed with you in detail before your first visit. Please note that benefits which are quoted to you or to our billing office are not a guarantee that therapy will be covered. Your child’s diagnosis and treatment plan of care are unique, so never assume the benefits will ensure payment for the services rendered.
Many health insurance plans provide benefits for Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy, but, frequently there are limitations for this coverage. Limitations may be related to a child’s age, diagnosis, or for the number of therapy sessions a child may receive per year.
We will submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf and upon receiving any denial for therapy; we will appeal and submit documentation. Once the appeal process is complete, the policy holder is responsible for investigating further avenues.

Helpful Tips:

It is important to read over your insurance companies Explanation of Benefits (EOB) when you receive it in the mail. It will provide you with detailed information on what charges your insurance company paid, what your co-payment/co-insurance was for that session, how much of their payment and yours went towards the deductible, etc.
Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for any services not paid by your insurance company.

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