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“I chose Abi’s Place for Ryan because of their unique ability to incorporate play skills into his learning. I felt at home, which is very important as a parent of a child who doesn’t talk and had very few ways to communicate. I felt he would be very well taken care of… and be able to learn and grow cognitively.”

— Julie O., Ryan’s mom

“The staff here is incredibly caring. Not only does my daughter get the therapy that she needs here, but she’s also getting the love that she needs and that she desires. It’s truly amazing when you can speak to a staff member… I truly feel like they love my child.”

— Adam M., Ashtyn’s dad

“Abi’s Place has given her the opportunity to be who she needs to be. The staff is amazing. The kids are amazing. She has friends. It’s just a totally different experience!”

— Dina M., Melissa’s mom

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  • Teach children who couldn’t walk how to walk…
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  • And support a community organization that is 10-years strong and has helped more than 135 amazing children with special needs!

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