A Challenged Life

A Challenged Life

A Challenged Life by Danielle ZimmermanI welcome you into my world in this book, to share my journey to help give parents comfort, revelation, and hope. Professionals in the health field and special education systems are also encouraged to read my story to help gain knowledge on issues that all parents go through when raising a child with special needs. I hope you find my story interesting, entertaining, and inspiring. If I can do it, so can you!

Danielle Zimmerman

About the Author

The life Danielle Zimmerman once knew as a wife and pre-med student is now a vivid memory. Her life was transformed after the birth of her daughter, Abigail, more than ten years ago. Today she remains happily married
and a business owner with hubby, Brett Zimmerman. But Danielle’s titles have grown to include researcher, parent and child advocate, lobbyist, teacher, therapist and trainer. Danielle is also the founder of Abi’s Place, a special school for special children, in Coral Springs, Florida.


  • Chapter 1: A Daughter Is Born
  • Chapter 2: Searching for Answers
  • Chapter 3: Therapy Begins
  • Chapter 4: Behavioral Issues
  • Chapter 5: The Joy of Siblings
  • Chapter 6: Be Your Own Doctor
  • Chapter 7: Learning the Ins and Outs of the School System
  • Chapter 8: Making Your Marriage Work
  • Chapter 9: The All-Essential Support System
  • Chapter 10: The Roller-Coaster of Emotions
  • Epilogue: How Far We’ve Come
  • Resource Guide
  • Developmental Milestones

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